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Acunote for Google Summer of Code Projects

We in Pluron are great believers in open source. We develop and deploy with open source tools on open source platforms and we were always keen to give something back to the community. We've been sponsoring KDE developer for two years, we've released several parts of our product - Acunote Shortcuts, Mediacloth and ActiveReC++ under open source MIT license. But of course that's not everything we did.

We made Acunote free for open source projects. Starting with summer 2007 we also offered Acunote access for Google Summer of Code program participants.

Google is running Summer of Code program for the fourth year now. Students who participate in this program write open source code but have their own designated projects with a deadline and a mentor assigned. The mentor needs to keep track of student's progress and has to review his code. And this is when Acunote becomes useful for both mentors and students because of its strong task management and code review capabilities.

Last year 14 GSoC projects used Acunote and we got some very positive feedback. This year we of course continue offering our lightweight and cool software project management tool for GSoC'ers.

So, if you are a student working on Summer of Code project or a mentor keeping an eye on such project, take look at our Acunote for GSoC HOWTO page to learn how you can use it and signup for free!