Acunote's Open Source Initiatives

Unlimited Free Acunote Account For OSS Projects

We in Acunote are great believers in open source. We develop and deploy with open source tools on open source platforms and we were always keen to give something back to the community. We have sponsored a KDE developer, we have released several parts of our product as open source libraries. And we are proud to offer unlimited access to Acunote for free for open source projects!

To get unlimited access, click the link below and signup for the free plan. After you are logged in click on "Send Us Feedback" in the footer, and send us: link to project's homepage, project description, name of open source license used (e.g. GPL, MIT), link to your source control repository. We will then approve your request and upgrade your account with all the best wishes from us!


Acunote For Google Summer Of Code Projects

Acunote is an agile project management tool suitable for teams working on one or several projects with work broken down into small iterations. Google Summer of Code projects fit well into this description.

Mentors and students can plan project milestones, manage tasks, monitor project completion rate, review Subversion and Git commits and more.

Either mentor or student can sign up. Interested parties (co-mentors, students) can be added as additional users after login.

Unlimited access to Acunote is provided completely free for all Summer of Code participants.

More than 30 open source projects used Acunote to collaborate with Summer of Code students, including KDE, Apache Software Foundation, MySQL, Python Software Foundation, Bazaar, Moodle, OpenSuSE, PHP and others.


Acunote's Open Source Software

We continuously release parts of Acunote as open source software. Our most important projects are:

  • Acunote Shortcuts - JavaScript library providing everything you need to add rich keyboard shortcut functionality to a web application, with a few lines of code you can have Gmail-like single and multi-key keyboard shortcuts covering the essential functionality.
  • assert_same - Ruby assert which checks that two strings (expected and actual) are same and which can "magically" replace expected value with the actual in case the new behavior (and new actual value) is correct.
  • Template Inliner - Rails 2.x plugin that avoids the problem when to render a large list of objects, Rails creates a large number of View instances, requiring additional CPU and memory for each of them.

See more open source projects on our GitHub page.