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Moving and Copying Tasks Between Projects

Moving Tasks Between Projects

Did you ever create task in the wrong project by mistake and want to fix the mistake without having to recreate the task? Did you ever want to reorganize your projects and move tasks together with their data between projects?

You can now move tasks between projects. You can do it in the same way as you move them between sprints in one project. Sprint selectors on task lists, task details and tasks search pages have "Load Sprints from All Projects..." item which will let you pick a sprint from all projects in your organization. Similar item is present in the keyboard sprint selection dialog ('gu', 'sm', 'sc' and other shortcuts).

Click on "Load Sprints from All Projects..." item in the sprint selector. You will then be able to move tasks to any sprint in any project.

Multi-Project Tasks

Acunote already allowed tasks to be in multiple sprints in the same project. Starting from now a task can belong to sprints in multiple projects. We call such tasks multi-project tasks.

To create a multi-project task simply copy the task to a sprint in another project.

For example, consider a company with two projects - Marketing and Development. Marketing is working on a new website which includes some development work. Marketing would copy top-level “New website” task from their sprint to a sprint in the Development project. This top-level task and its children will now cover everything needed to complete it across both departments. You can then use the ad-hoc analytics to gather and analyze all work across two departments for this task.

Multi-project tasks are available only on the Enterprise pricing plan.

Common Uses of Multi-Project Tasks

Do you use Acunote to collaborate with your customers? Do you have one or more project per customer? Did you ever want to give your customers access to only high-level tasks they care about and keep all development details internal?

Multi-project tasks are ideal for:

  • matrix organizations
  • consulting companies

If you are a consulting company, create one project per customer in addition to any projects you use to internally manage work. Use project-based access control to restrict customer access to their project only, so a client can only see their tasks, not task from other clients. Record any tasks from the client into their project, and copy them to your internal development projects. This way your development teams can have a single place where they see all their work from all clients, while each client sees only tasks relevant to them.

Matrix organization can have a project per department and business unit. You can then use multi-project tasks to plan work across department and business unit borders.