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"Issues" Tab Renamed to "Tasks". Term "Issue" Is No Longer Used

By popular request Acunote now uses the word "Task" instead of "Issue" everywhere in the interface:

  • "Issues" tab is renamed to "Tasks" - its functionality remains the same, just the name changes.
  • Search language is unchanged, just the interface will refer to it as Task Search Language instead of Issue Search Language
  • 'g i' shortcut that opened Issues page is removed
    'g t' shortcut now opens the Tasks page (instead of Timeline as before)
    'g T' shortcut is now used to open the Timeline
  • in tasks creation forms to create a task that doesn't belong to any sprint, simply do not choose a sprint (before you had to choose "Issues" entry in the sprint selector)
  • no functionality has been changed or lost, just the names changed

Previously Acunote used the term "Issue" to describe an entity that stores all information about the particular task that is not related to the sprints in which the task exists (for example description, owner, status, estimate, remaining, tags, comments and attachments - all things usually shown in the task details page).

But eventually it became clear that we don't need another term to describe a task (terms "task" and "issue" were often used interchangeably). Therefore to avoid confusion we'll use only one term "task" everywhere in the user interface, no matter whether task is in sprint or not.