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Acunote Now Available on the Google Apps Marketplace

Today we are proud to announce that Acunote is now available on the Google Apps Marketplace™, Google's online storefront for Google Apps™ products and services.

One of the Acunote's major strengths has always been the tight integration with existing company's processes and tools. By adding Acunote to the Google Apps Marketplace, we've made it possible for Google Apps customers to organically integrate the project management system with their messaging and collaboration platform.

Google Apps Integration

Acunote provides two Google Apps integration features:

  • Single sign-on with your Google Apps account
  • Universal navigation with access to Acunote from GMail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and other Google Apps

How to Add Acunote to Google Apps?

Click on the button below to add Acunote to Google Apps (you must have admin privileges).

You just need to specify your Google Apps domain and new Acunote organization account for that domain will be automatically created for you.

How Single Sign-on Works?

On first login the user account will be created automatically. It will have the same email, username, first and last name as in Google Apps. Acunote will not store a password, instead it will authenticate users with their Google Apps login credentials through Google OpenID protocol.

Account owner will be notified by email about each new Acunote user account creation. Also, note that Acunote accounts created from Google Apps are subscribed to the Free plan which has 5 users limit. You will have to upgrade to one of the paid plans starting from $49/month to be able to create more users.

I Already Have Acunote Account. How Do I Use Google Apps Integration?

At this moment Acunote for Google Apps is provided only for new customers. We're working on making this integration available for existing Acunote customers in a short time.

If you are existing Acunote customer and would like to beta-test the integration, please write to support at acunote dot com and we might be able to give you early access to the integration before it's released.

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