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Better Sprint Group Names

After we introduced Archived Sprints last week, the term "Active Sprints" became ambiguous. It represented both:

  • sprints that aren't archived
  • present and future sprints

Therefore we decided to come up with better and clearer names. The table below summarizes all changes we made:

Sprint Group Previous Name New Name
Active (not archived) sprints N/A Active
Archived sprints N/A Archived
Sprints with: start date <= today <= end date Active Present
Sprints with: start date > today Future
Sprints with: end date < today Completed Past

We also changed the task search language (''sprint:'' expression syntax) to match new sprint group names:

Search Expression Previous Syntax New Syntax
Tasks in active sprints N/A sprint: active
Tasks in archived sprints N/A sprint: archived
Tasks in present sprints sprint: current sprint: present
Tasks in future sprints N/A sprint: future
Tasks in past sprints N/A sprint: past
Tasks in present and future sprints sprint: active sprint: present OR sprint: future

Note, that "Current Sprint" tab still works as before - it shows the earliest sprint in the list of Present sprints.