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Archived Sprints

It is now possible to archive sprints (use Archive button from the Sprints list). Organizations with long-term projects with large numbers of historical sprints will be able to keep them separately from currently active ones.

Archived sprints do not appear in the:

  • Sprints page
  • all sprints selectors in task creation forms, code inspection forms, dialogs and other places
  • Jump to sprint dialog (gu shortcut)

It is still possible to:

  • copy or move tasks to archived sprints - all sprint selectors used for copy/move have additional "Load Archived Sprints" option which will show archived sprints upon your request
  • use "sprint: " search expression to search for tasks even if the sprint is archived

Archived Sprints page lists all archived sprints. You can visit them and change tasks as usual. It is also possible to unarchive the sprint back.