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New Feature: Priority and Severity

We're pleased to announce that it is now possible to set priority and severity for tasks. This was the long awaited feature commonly requested by our users. As you may have noted, priority column already appeared in the task and issue lists. It's also there in the task details page.

Severity is not automatically enabled because it will mostly be useful for those people who use Acunote as a bugtracker or who used bugtrackers a lot in the past. Should you decide that you need severity, you can turn it on (and off) in the "Organization Settings" page (only organization administrators can do that). From that page you can also disable (or reenable) priority if you choose to avoid using it.

You might wonder what you can do with these new fields. Right now we have 4 levels of priority and severity from P1 to P4 and from S1 to S4. There's also special P0 priority intended to be used for emergency/very urgent tasks. Severities follow priorities in numbering for a reason. This covers the usecase when severity is set by a developer (or reporter) and priority is set by a manager when he prioritizes the tasks in the sprint. In the future you'll be able to increase the number of priorities/severities and define your own, but at this moment it's not allowed.

Apart from additional columns, Acunote UI also lets you filter by priority and severity in the tasklist and search both from Search input box and from Issues page. Search language accepts commands like priority: P1 and severity: S1. There's also special search syntax priority: none and severity: none to search for tasks without any priority and severity set.

We hope you will enjoy this new feature and would like to remind that this is only a start. We'll come up with more functionality around priorities and severities in the future, and for that we'd like to hear from you how you'd use priorities and severities and what are your use cases for them.