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New Task Status - Will Not Do

When you work on your tasks, it sometimes happens that you don't have to do any work to close the task. Your task may be a duplicate of another task or it may happen that the required work has been already done. If the task is added to fix a bug in the system, you may be unable to reproduce that bug or you may conclude that the bug is not fixable.

In all those cases the task requires no work and needs to be closed as such. Previously you'd have to clear the task estimate and change status to Completed. Starting from today, there's a dedicated "Will Not Do" status in Acunote to represent all the usecases described above.

When you mark the task as "Will Not Do", Acunote treats it as the task without any work to do. Burndown and Prediction are not affected by "Will Not Do" tasks at all (so you don't have to clear the estimate). The amount of "will not do" work is only shown in progress reports and task status bar charts. Of course, there's a filtering for such tasks and there's a new "status: Will\ Not\ Do" task/issue search language operator available.