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Things we look forward to at RailsConf 2008

Yes, Gleb and I are coming again to RailsConf this year. We are expecting to listen to good talks and to meet a lot of cool people.

There're definitely some interesting presentation schedule for this year. Of course we're interested in what Michael Koziarski and Ezra Zygmuntowicz have to say about Rails performance and scaling. This is definitely a hot topic - the whole conference program is filled up with performance/scaling talks. Looks like we should have been presenting as well, but ok, next year :)

It will be good to see Charles Nutter and Ola Bini of JRuby fame once again. We've always sympathized JRuby guys and appreciated their work, with the hope of course to run our Acunote on top of JRuby to get some performance boost for free ;). Let's see how close we are to the goal this time...

What's also interesting is that Microsoft is back with IronRuby. We're intrigued whether John Lam and Jimmy Schementi hacked it enough to run Rails or not.

We're also eager to hear what Bob Walker and Avi Bryant baked up with MagLev Ruby VM and how far Evan Phoenix and his team progressed with Rubinius.

For sure we're not only interested in alternative Ruby implementations. Scott Barron and Chad Humphries prepared a promising talk about profiling applications with DTrace on OSX. Apart from Linux desktops we do use some MacBook's for development and might benefit from being able to use DTrace. Yehuda Katz's DataMapper and Adam Pisoni's Skynet - A Ruby Map/Reduce Framework talks look exciting as well.

So, we hope to learn something new and have fun in Portland once again this year. See you at RailsConf!