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Performance is a feature!

Last two months we've been quiet but that's not because we extended our Christmas holidays, but because we've worked hard to make Acunote fast.

First, we worked together with Engine Yard (our hosting provider) guys to profile and improve our server infrastructure. Organizations that use email notifications should notice the difference - the new mail server adds virtually no overhead to all operations that send emails. Please note, that occasional delays still can happen (mostly because of the database server) but we're sure those problems will be solved as well.

Second, we improved the performance of our own application and the framework we use. Geeky readers and Ruby on Rails developers among you might be interested in the story of our travails and the changes we've made.

At the end, we've got some impressive results here comparing to the beginning of December:

Acceleration Acunote Features
7.0x! Tasklist rearrangements with "Move Here" menu or with drag-n-drop.
4.5x Tasklist rearrangements by moving tasks to the left.
3.5x Copying tasks and importing them from CSV.
Tasklist rearrangements by moving tasks to the right.
3.0x Deleting tasks.
Rendering the tasklist and progress reports.
2.5x Signing up to Acunote.
1.5x Rendering the prediction report.
Editing tasks directly from the tasklist.

Enjoy the faster Acunote right now, it's already in production!