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Acunote Launch Announcement

We are launching Acunote, an Agile Project Management web application we've developed in Pluron, Inc. Pluron is a young Silicon Valley startup. We started out by making a product we wanted to use ourselves. We then worked hard to enhance it for our alpha users. Now, we are opening it to you.

Our users feedback is what shapes the product. We'll be continuing to engage Agile community and enhance Acunote based on your feedback. To help us do it, we are looking to hire an Agile Evangelist, please see below.

  • General

    • Hosted web application, built using Ruby on Rails.

    • Lightweight by design -- we provide the tools, you bring your process. Ideally suited for Scrum, XP and other Agile methodologies.

  • Features

    • All the basics -- sprints/iterations, backlog, tasks and burndown.

    • Flexible task hierarchies -- use them for user stories, story-trees, tasks, sub-tasks, bugs, etc. Never commit, mold your task list to your needs as your needs evolve.

    • 0-click analytics -- multiple burndown charts, per-team/user/tag progress report, when-will-I-be-done forecasting, hierarchy-based roll-up progress charts for parent tasks.

    • Integration with your existing bugtracker -- Bugzilla, Mantis, Trac, JIRA are supported.

    • Integration with Subversion (yes, over the network -- http, https, svn protocols) and Perforce.

    • Full peer code review functionality -- since with integrate with your SCM, you can review a changeset and comment on any line with a single click. From that point Acunote will manage this comment as a task.

    • Tags -- because relational is good. Define your own workflow and analyze it with tag-based analytics.

    • CSV export/import. Full-roundtrip change merging -- export, modify tasks in Excel, import and have Acunote reconcile the changes.

    • Timeline -- you did it, we track it. Find out what happened in your organization, filter and subscribe to RSS feeds to stay in touch.

    • Collaboration -- comment, discuss and email.

    • Full-text search

  • Usability

    • Powerful AJAX task list interface. Create, estimate, decompose, edit, complete, reorder and filter tasks on a single page. Edit task description, status, owner and estimate with 1 click. Bottom line -- you can enter and keep track of a full project plan with fewer actions than in Excel.

    • Keyboard shortcuts -- if it's in Acunote, it either already has a shortcut or soon will. Vi/Emacs/Gmail users should feel right at home.

  • Pricing

    • Free and non-crippled for groups of 5 people and under.

    • Paid plans run $7-10/user per month.

    • Always free for open source, non-profits and academia. We are proud to offer Acunote for Google Summer of Code.

  • Jobs

    • We are looking for an Agile Evangelist. This person will be an advocate of Agile community in our company, and be an advocate of our company in Agile community. A multi-functional role combining product management, marketing, coaching, PR and business development. Ideally located in Silicon Valley.

    • We are aggressively growing our development team in Ukraine. If you are a star developer, designer or QA, give us a shout.

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