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Tag Progress Charts

Today we upgraded production to the new version with a bunch of changes in it. Here I'll give a short overview of new things can you do with Acunote. t making progress, make viewgraphs -- Juan Meza

We certainly want you to make good progress working on your projects with Acunote, and a little visualization can help you get the overview of what's happening. We've just added tag progress charts to for that.

The idea of this chart is similar to the progress report for users: it shows how much work is Not Started, In Progress, Blocked, Completed and Accepted. The screenshot illustrates the most common use for the tag's progress reports. Once you have marked some tasks in the sprint as bugfix tasks and some as features, you can see the progress report separately for bugfixes and for features. All other tags which do not have tasks in the current sprint are simply listed below with no charts near them.

The length of each bar is proportional to the amount of work in it. We choose the scale so that the longest bar spans the whole chart. For example in the screenshot above amount of work tagged with Feature is roughly twice as much as that tagged with Bug.

Please note that when you tag a task which has subtasks, the progress chart will automatically include all the work from subtasks whether or not the subtasks are tagged themselves.

First, it is now possible to add comments to the task. With comments you can have follow-up discussions for a task without altering its description. Use task details page ('o' keyboard shortcut or 'Show Details' in the task popup menu) to add or modify comments. Please note, that once comment is added, only comment's original author is allowed to edit it.

Second, based on the positive feedback from our customers about Mantis bugtracker integration in Acunote, we decided to implement support for more such tools. At this moment you can import tasks from Bugzilla and Trac in addition to the Mantis. If your organization uses one of those bugtrackers, you can enable the integration in the 'Edit Organization' page. In case you find it easier to use a bookmarklet to create a task instead of importing it, grab the updated bookmarklet from 'Help' page. It will work for Mantis, Bugzilla, Track and also JIRA. JIRA is not yet supported by the task importer so bookmarklet is your only option in case you are using JIRA.

And finally, we're continuing to extend the number of ways you can organize your tasks. It was always possible to break a complex task in Acunote into well-defined subtasks. That works fine in case you have product manager entering the high-level tasks and developers breaking them into smaller parts. But higher management in some organizations wants to have even more abstract picture of the tasks. If your organization has this kind of needs, you can now use Acunote to create three levels of tasks to represent those three different abstraction layers.

And of course, there's much more in updated Acunote than just new features. There are lots of bugfixes in it and most importantly Safari, Internet Explorer and Konqueror users will get faster and more stable Acunote than they had before. Enjoy!